Libby Ulm • April 2024 • additional insured, certificate holder, performer insurance, vendor insurance, commercial general liability coverage

What's the difference between an additional insured and a certificate holder?

Both an additional insured and a certificate holder are third parties that may be named on your policy. However, there are few key differences between the two! Let's break this down. 

What is an additional insured?

  • Is a named business (such as an event/venue) on your policy.
  • They're protected under your policy.
  • They can file a claim if they're sued due to something that arose from your actions/business.

What is a certificate holder?

  • Is a named business (such as an event/venue) on

Libby Ulm • November 2023 • performer insurance, vendor insurance, commercial general liability coverage, food truck insurance

Performers with vendor booths

Do you hold a performer policy and sell merchandise? Depending on your operations, you may need both our performer policy and a mobile vendor policy. Our mobile vendor policy insures your business, but not independent contractors, while our performer policy insures you, the individual. Whether you need both policies is on a case-by-case basis, but we've provided some examples below!

Example 1: You're a magician! After your jaw dropping performance, you set up a small table next to the stage

Libby Ulm • July 2023 • commercial general liability coverage, SAM coverage, performer insurance, vendor insurance

Sexual Abuse and Molestation (SAM) Coverage

Sexual Abuse and Molestation (SAM) coverage is typically requested for those performing or vending at schools or malls. There may also be other events/venues that require SAM coverage. This coverage doesn't protect you against a claim for abusing or molesting someone, but rather if you're left in charge of a group of minors and something happens between them. When performing or vending for a group of minors, we suggest asking the venue to also have an employee or staff member be present at all

Libby Ulm • June 2023 • inland marine coverage, business personal property, vendor insurance, performer insurance

How to protect your business personal property

From unexpected damages to stolen items, Inland Marine (business personal property) coverage is here to protect you, or rather, your things! Inland Marine (IM) can cover items like equipment, costumes, or goods for damage or theft while in storage, in transit to/from a show, and while at a show. 

SIA’s base policy is a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy which protects you if someone gets hurt because of you/your business, from any property damage that could arise from you being at an

Libby Ulm • May 2023 • vendor insurance, online sales, cyber liability

Online sales for mobile vendors

Are you a mobile vendor who also has an online store? The SIA Mobile Vendor Policy can cover you for both your temporary space and your online store (as long as you're not only doing online sales)! Your business' annual gross revenue must not exceed $500,000.

For example, Susan travels to Renaissance festivals throughout the Midwest with her business, Fluttering Fairy Wings. While at the festivals, she sells fairy wings for humans and pets of all sizes! When Susan is not on the road, she

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