Specialty Insurance Agency provides affordable DJ liability insurance to protect against third-party bodily injury and medical claims, property damage to a venue or other third party, business legal defense fees, advertising liability, and any slander or libel claim. We offer customized DJ insurance to protect against the specific legal risks each individual DJ faces. Contact a Specialty Insurance Agency agent today for specialized quality coverage tailored to your needs.


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DJ & Band Insurance Program Highlights

Specialty Insurance Agency customizes insurance policy coverage to satisfy the individual requirements of every DJ, from general liability coverage against accidental bodily injury or property damage to Inland Marine coverage that protects expensive speakers, lights, and other special effects equipment.

DJ & Band Insurance Program Highlights

Specialty Insurance Agency customizes insurance policy coverage to satisfy the individual requirements of every DJ, from general liability coverage against accidental bodily injury or property damage to Inland Marine coverage that protects expensive speakers, lights, and other special effects equipment.


Liability Coverage for DJs

  • $1,000,000 per event
  • $2 million in one policy period
  • Advertising and image use liability
  • Legal and attorney fees


Liability Coverage for Bands

  • $1,000,000 per event
  • $2 million in one policy period
  • Must cover maximum people in the band
  • Does not cover bands working at venues with 10,000 people or more


DJ Equipment Insurance and Gear Coverage

  • Inland Marine coverage to protect DJ equipment and gear DJs haul from place to place
  • May only be purchased with liability insurance
  • Equipment insurance and music library protection is $1 per $100 of the replacement value ($150 minimum premium)
  • Only items listed are covered in the event of a claim
  • $250 Deductible
  • $750 Deductible for theft

About DJ Event Insurance

As self-employed entertainers, DJs provide a magical interlude of sentimental conversation, dancing, crowd participation, and sometimes even comedy for birthday and engagement parties, anniversary celebrations, business gatherings, and school dances. Everyone wants to enjoy the occasion and have fun, but sometimes this can lead to carelessness, poor judgment, or other causes of injuries to clients and guests or damage to venue property.

As a result, it is vital for DJs to carry adequate insurance for any mishaps that may occur. Since every DJ enterprise is different, it is important to obtain a customized DJ insurance policy and certificates that cover the individual needs of the insured entertainer.

Reasons To Obtain DJ Insurance Coverage

One of the most important incentives for DJs to purchase business insurance is to minimize the financial risks related to any small business that interacts with the public. When people are having a good time, they often forget to be careful of their surroundings, easily trip over equipment or otherwise injure themselves, and demand the medical bills be covered by the DJ.

Proof of insurance also makes it much easier to attract and retain clients. Appropriate coverage adds credibility to your professional status as a bona fide entertainer and someone who takes business responsibilities seriously. If you are the only candidate for the gig who carries general liability insurance, this coverage gives you a huge advantage. In some cases, it may provide the only way to seal the deal since many venues require a certificate of insurance.

Other DJ Insurance To Consider

Sometimes other types of insurance may be important for a DJ to consider, depending on the details and types of gigs played.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Professional DJs who frequently transport equipment from one venue to another using a van or other vehicle may need to be insured with a commercial auto policy. Although our insurance company does not offer commercial auto options with the DJ insurance package, DJs should be aware that a standard auto policy sometimes limits business use and may not provide unlimited coverage for continuous transportation of entertainment business equipment. Always check with your auto insurance agent to find out if this could be the case with your policy since you want to make sure you are covered as you travel from gig to gig.

Does a Mobile DJ Liability Insurance Policy Cover Equipment?

Although the liability insurance a DJ may carry will cover damages to equipment and other property of third parties, the liability policy does not protect the DJ’s equipment at home, in transit, or while in use at venues. A separate Inland Marine policy must be purchased along with the liability insurance in order to access protection against this risk to mobile business equipment including fog machines, speakers, or other special effects gear.

What Is DJ Insurance for One Day?

It is possible to purchase DJ general liability insurance for a particular day and event. Some policies for specific events provide coverage for up to three days so the insurance covers an entire weekend gig.

Specialty Insurance Agency does not offer a one-day option with the DJ insurance package. 

Not surprisingly, the cost for one-day insurance protection from many providers is expensive compared to the typical insurance DJ premium for annual liability coverage. It may make sense for providing entertainment for an event with a personal connection, such as the wedding of a family member or a business conference for the company where you work. The short-term policy covers risks and provides a certificate of insurance for the venue without buying annual protection.

Still, give careful deliberation before buying insurance for an individual gig. You may find yourself unexpectedly doing several celebrations a year and spending almost as much on individual events as the price of an annual premium. Purchasing a policy for the whole year can be especially useful if an opportunity to help out at a party comes up at the last minute.

How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost for a DJ?

The cost of business insurance is a big consideration for DJs, but the possibility of claims for personal injuries or property damage makes a DJ insurance policy a must. The general liability policy will protect the DJ’s business from having to pay a claim for personal injury or medical expenses to a third party caused by the entertainer or DJ equipment. It will also protect from property damage to any items, equipment, or property owned by the venue or other third party.

Many factors affect the general liability premiums and may include your location, number of gigs played per year or annual sales, the amount of aggregate or maximum coverage the policy pays, your claims history, and whether you have employees. Obviously, so many circumstances result in a wide range of costs, and you can pay premium expenses that vary from a low of about $200 a year to $600 or even more. When it comes to one-day DJ insurance, expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $100 or more for a single event.

Do Your Homework When It Comes to DJ Insurance

Just like many other expenses you incur in your DJ business, you need to be a wise consumer when it comes to insurance coverage. Check out several companies, get premium quotes, read online reviews and talk to other entertainers about their insurance and claims experience.

DJ Insurance: Get a Quote From the Best Insurance Company

When it comes to making a final decision, scrutinize the premium costs but also make sure you are dealing with an experienced, ethical, and customer-oriented insurance company. You want an insurance group that not only gives you excellent protection and coverage but also gives you access to exceptional agents and makes the claims process easy and comfortable.

At Specialty Insurance Agnecy, our values set us apart - including doing the right thing and honoring commitments as well as listening and producing results. We appreciate all the DJs we insure and do everything we can to support their entertainment business endeavors. Contact Sheri DiGirolamo today at 630-242-3176 or go online for your DJ insurance quote.