Rigging - what's covered and what's not?

Rigging - what's covered and what's not?

We understand that rigging is a big part of some of our clients' performances, but what exactly is covered with our policy?...what's not? Let's dive in! 

First, there's no coverage for rigging for others with the performer policy (or any policy we offer). A performer is not a rigger, and riggers are a different insuring class. Performer assistants are also never covered for rigging for others. If a performer has an assistant on their policy, that assistant can be covered for helping that performer. However, an aerialist with a performer policy is covered when they set up their own rig or rig their own equipment and perform on it. It's a piece essential to their performance, and that's what they're insured for: performing on others' property. 

Additionally, performers are generally covered if something goes wrong on equipment rigged by others. When a performer is on equipment/a rig set up by someone else and that equipment/rig fails, they would likely be represented by their performer insurance in court. The carrier will cover losses they need to cover. However, the carrier will likely try to subrogate anyone they can to cover this loss: the event planner, the venue, the actual rigger...basically anyone with any sort of liability. 

Example #1: If you have performer insurance and you set up a rig for someone else, and that rig collapses, you are not insured for setting up that rig. You are not covered if the performer is injured or dies. You are not covered if someone in the audience is hurt and they sue you for setting up the rig. The performer, if they were the ones that were sued, would likely have defense costs covered, but the carrier would like subrogate you for setting up the rig to pay for the damages. 

Example #2: If you have performer insurance and you are setting up your own rig for your performance, you are covered if your rigging failed and it caused injury to an audience member. Please note, injury to yourself isn't covered, but instead injury to others is.

Please note, all claims go through a claims examiner (a disinterested third party) to determine what the payout will be. 

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