Pyrotechnics and fireworks exclusion on the performer policy

Pyrotechnics and fireworks exclusion on the performer policy

The performer policy has an exclusion for pyrotechnics and fireworks. While it's easy to grasp what fireworks are, defining pyrotechnics is a bit trickier.

For the purpose of the performer insurance policy, our carrier defines a pyrotechnic substance as a substance or mixture of substances designed to produce an additional effect by heat, light, sound, gas, smoke, or a combination of these (beyond simply fueling for a fire performance). It's usually contained in a machine but may also be applied as an additive to fire props or skin for special effects. 

We have had fire performers ask if propellants would be covered, and the answer is no. Not only would the use of propellants increase the risk of something going wrong with a performance (and what is insurance besides the assessment of risk?), but using one would cause your performance to fall under the definition of pyrotechnics, which is a listed exclusion in our coverage.

If you'd like to read more about pyrotechnics, hop over to this article. For more information on fire training and safety, check out Home of Poi. If you have questions about your specific fire prop(s) please email our office at or give us a call at 715-246-8908!

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