Online sales for mobile vendors

Online sales for mobile vendors

Are you a mobile vendor who also has an online store? The SIA Mobile Vendor Policy can cover you for both your temporary space and your online store (as long as you're not only doing online sales)! Your business' annual gross revenue must not exceed $500,000.

For example, Susan travels to Renaissance festivals throughout the Midwest with her business, Fluttering Fairy Wings. While at the festivals, she sells fairy wings for humans and pets of all sizes! When Susan is not on the road, she manages an Etsy store with the same business name, selling the same things. Susan is able to insure her sales at the Renaissance festivals and her Etsy store with one SIA mobile Vendor Policy!

With online sales, it's important to remember there can be added risks surrounding cybersecurity. Data breach (or unauthorized use of stored data) is an increasing problem, and your business can be held responsible for the ramifications. Be sure to check out our blog on Cyber Liability coverage to read more about protecting your business!

Before applying for a Mobile Vendor Policy, be sure to read through our ineligible vendors and excluded products below.

Ineligible vendors:

  • Amusement attractions
  • Amusement rides
  • Animals accompanying the business
  • Balancing games
  • Body piercings
  • Corn mazes
  • Demonstration of hot items (i.e. curling irons)
  • Haunted attractions
  • Hay mazes
  • Live animals
  • Mechanical games
  • Permanent store fronts
  • Permanent tattooing
  • Sale of fireworks
  • Sale of live animals
  • Sale of liquor

Excluded products:

  • CBD products
  • Firearms
  • Fireworks
  • Infant products
  • Knives
  • Marijuana products
  • Medical products
  • Nutritional products
  • Supplements
  • Swords
  • Tobacco products

As always, if you have any questions about our Mobile Vendor Policy, what types of things are or aren't covered, or how to add Cyber Liability coverage to your policy, send us an email to or call 715-246-8908!

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