The importance of insurance

The importance of insurance

We have conversations quite frequently with clients where they ask why they need insurance. We hear comments like "I've performed without insurance for over a decade. Why now?" or "I'm a safe performer, I just sit on stage and play guitar. I don't do any of that fire performing stuff." However, most claims that come in are completely fluke accidents, quite literally...the unexpected.

In this sue-happy world that we live in, practicing safety for just your performance or selling your services/goods as a vendor just isn't enough sometimes. The best way to protect yourself all around, and ultimately your brand and/or business, is to have insurance. Now, you're probably thinking, "You're an insurance company, of course you're going to promote having a policy." While it's probably obvious that we want to stay in business, we also genuinely care SO much about all of our clients getting to do what they love. All it takes is one big, bad lawsuit without insurance and you could be risking your career. 

Now, we can ramble on and use insurance terms that no one understands to try to prove our point...but instead, we thought we'd share some examples inspired by actual claims! Afterall, they say the proof is in the pudding. While these may sound funny to outsiders, it's important to remember these situations happened to real people, people who are our clients. We do not intend to offend or shame these individuals by sharing their stories. Names and some of the details have been altered to keep this as anonymous as possible. Our hope is to educate those with (and without) insurance about the importance of having it. 

Buckle up and come along for the ride while we tell the tales of some *crazy* claims!

Claim #1: A comedic stuntsman was performing with his unicylce, tiny bicycle, and pogo stick at a county fair. He had set up a safe perimeter and showed off his tricks and flips, jumps and jokes under the blazing sun. It was a really hot day - so hot that not only was his brow sweating, but his hands were, too. During a spectacular bounce-and-flip trick, our insured's pogo stick slipped from his slick palms and hurled through the air before beaming a lady in the head twenty feet away.

Claim #2: During a bubble performance, a 16-year-old spectator slipped on the concrete, split her chin, and needed to be transported by ambulance to the ER. She got seven stitches on her chin, and her mother was quite concerned about the resulting scar, as well as the medical bills. She insists that the fall was directly caused by slippery ground due to the bubbles.

Claim #3: A juggling comedian was performing at a Renaissance festival, when children started heckling him. He asked the kids to be quiet so as not to interrupt the show for others, as the parents were doing nothing to stop the kids. The parents then sued the Renaissance festival, claiming emotional damage for their child. The festival's insurance subrogated the performer's insurance for the lawsuit (that's what those additional insured certificates are for, folks). While the performer's insurance doesn't see any negligence on his part (which means no damages will likely be rewarded), this case is still in litigation and has already accrued $15,000 just in legal fees.

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