Safety & Claims

Safety + More Members = Lower Premiums

Our goal at Specialty Insurance Agency is to provide affordable insurance to our members.

Our insurance premiums are primarily calculated using two metrics: the number of members in a group, along with the amount paid out in claims the prior year. In order to keep our premium costs low, claim reduction is key - but so is having a large enough group that our underwriter’s risk analysis is accurate.

Law of Large Numbers

The law of large numbers is a statistical concept related to probability, and it’s a factor underwriters use when determining our rates each year. Their risk analysis will become more accurate the more people are in a group - which means if there aren’t enough people in a group, they can’t accurately assess risk. If an underwriter determines they can’t accurately assess risk, two things could happen: they could deny renewing our policy, or they could increase our premium prices.

Our business thrives on your recommendations - if you have a fellow performer needing insurance, send them our way! If you meet another vendor at a show, encourage them to check out our coverage. Your recommendations will help us stay in business, and they’ll help our underwriters continue to keep our renewal rates low!


Your audience trusts you to put on a fun and entertaining performance for the enjoyment of all, but they also trust you to keep them safe from harm. Your patrons trust you to provide safe, reliable products - as well as maintain a safe environment for them to peruse your wares.

Protecting the audience, your patrons, and yourselves by providing a safe and fun environment will prevent accidents from occurring. Accidents (or theft) can sometimes lead to costly insurance claims. Claims can compromise our association's ability to provide affordable insurance.

Fire Performers

We’ve compiled some safety tips for you! Please check out this resource before your next event.

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