Mall Kiosk Insurance

As a mall kiosk, you’ve worked hard to establish yourself professionally with your customers, but we understand that all it takes is one lawsuit to stop your ability to work. Your business could be held liable for things like injuries to others, property damage, or even offending someone. Protect your mall kiosk business with our mobile vendor liability policy!

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Why do I need mall kiosk insurance?

In addition to protecting yourself from claims and lawsuits, when providing your mall kiosk services at a location someone else owns such as a fair, festival, or mall, they will often ask you to hold your own Commercial General Liability policy. In short, the location wants to make sure they’re protected in case something arises from your operations. With our affordable mobile vendor policy (plus, free additional insured certificates), SIA has you covered for your mall kiosk insurance needs!

What coverage is included with my insurance policy?

Commercial General Liability with Additional Insured Endorsement, Waiver of Subrogation, and Primary Non-Contributory Endorsement – coverage that protects the insured against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of their operations.

Legal Liability to Audience Participants – coverage that offers protection against bodily injury liability claims brought by persons participating in covered activities.

Medical Payment for Audience Participants – coverage that pays the medical and dental expenses incurred by a participant when an accidental injury occurs while participating in the insured’s covered activities. The coverage is provided on a primary basis.

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