ABC Balloon Fun


I am truly amazed and humbled at how quickly you handled my rush/expedited add certificate request; your agency saved my day (and my weekend)! When I learned last evening that an add certificate was required for my next day ( Fri/Sat ) event I was worried; I submitted the expedited performer certificate last night on your website, but was not sure if the certificate could be issued in time for the event. I was hoping for a fast return (perhaps this afternoon), but the custom certificate issued first thing in the morning redefines "rush" and fast! You not only allowed me to work my event tonight and tomorrow, but your agency made me look incredible to my client. I just received the go ahead for the event; I can tell I also gained credibility with my client.

In a world full of administrative obstacles and barriers -- when it's so much easier for people to say "NO" instead of trying to make something happen --, I am simply in awe of your actions; you are insurance super heroes! Feel free to use this thank-you email as an endorsement of the quality (and speed!) of your agency and to post it in a testimonial section (if you have a testimonial section). I think this may be the first time I have ever written an endorsement type email to anyone, but your actions have redefined "exceeding expectations". I can not say thank you enough, but I will try anyway .... thank you so, so, so much! Have a great day!


Alain (Jaden''s dad)
ABC Balloon Fun